Updating with mercator

This ‘Mercator Projection’ swiftly became the standard map projection used for nautical purposes, because of its ability to represent sailing routes of constant course as straight lines.

Although the Mercator projection uses a linear scale which is equal in all directions, it does exaggerate the size of landmasses near the poles, making countries such as Greenland appear far larger than they really are.

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Check out this dataviz map created using Arc GIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud.

It was Hondius who brought Mercator back into public recognition by printing this lavishly coloured volume of Mercator’s maps, produced in Amsterdam 1613.

Hondius embellished Mercator’s original work, updating his maps and even contributing thirty-six new ones himself.

The capacity nightly flat file is used to update the flight record commercial capacity, overbooking capacity, and bid price details.

Following is the process of updating capacity details in the Sky Chain system through the CPO nightly flat file: In addition to the nightly flat files for capacity updates, CPO also sends real time capacity updates through XML messages.

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