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Japanese culture is at times pretty much the exact reverse of western culture.How can you tell if a girl/guy likes you in a country where ‘yes’ can mean ‘no’?You may see in some Korean TV dramas that couples count down to the 100th day anniversary and plan how to celebrate it and what gifts should be bought.The couples have anniversary celebrations again on the 200th day, 300th day, and so on of their relationships.

When compared with their western counterparts, Korean couples are relatively conservative, and intimate behaviour (like kissing and hugging) in the public is still not so common.

Dating couples like to wear couple rings on the left-hand ring fingers to show that they have a good dating relationship.

So, some couples like to exchange couple rings as gifts on their 100-day anniversaries.

Another well-known ritual of Korean couples is to hang the love locks onto the fences of the ground terrace of the N Seoul Tower.

Lovers write their names on the locks (some also attach plastic plates for writing love message) which are then hanged onto the fences.

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