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The bridge is an improved version of the 50's style with a lower lip that's nicely rounded for comfort, plus an abbreviated bridge cover that makes palm damping of the strings more comfortable without covering the pickup.

The circuit also features a treble bleed circuit to keep your tone consistent when lowering the volume.

It features a single volume control, dual pickups, and controls for L (neck pickup on/off), H (bridge pickup on/off), Tone (bright switch), and Mute.

Other features include a birch body and bolt-on neck with rosewood fretboard, Fender-style headstock and dot position markers, Van Ghent machine heads, and a unique but very useable Hagstrom-made tremolo bridge.

Its deep with slight shoulders but nothing like the '57 neck with the sharp V.

Body is era correct with 3 individual single coil routes with a worm track in the bridge position.

This one has none of those ailments and is in very tidy condition. 1960s Hagstrom I, (front detail-top), (back), (headstock), (controls), (case).

Hagstrom made their name as an accordion maker but in the late 50's started producing some cool guitars and basses in their Swedish factory.

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As with most cherry stains Gibson uses this one bled into the binding as you can see in the pics above.: If you're not familiar with my site, it's simple, and you'll love it or hate it: (1) This page has gear that has recently arrived; (2) Links at the bottom of this page take you to most of our gear, logically arranged by manufacturer or type, e.g. (3) Lastly, my contains a lot of gear that hasn't made it back to the proper pages yet and is sort of in limbo until I move it.It's not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since '98 so I figure, "if it ain't broke - don't fix it." All guitars and other gear have pictures.This Hagstrom I, also called an F-200 on models branded "Kent" is a unique piece that plays exceptionally well and has a cool tone.Made in the 1960's, the wooden body has a vinyl covering with a raised Plexiglas top and large raised-even-more plastic pickguard.

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