Shannon doherty dating

’s “Daily Pop,” the former feuding “Charmed” co-stars have been in touch recently after years of turmoil.

“Shannen and I talk a lot on Twitter via [direct messenger] and I spoke to her maybe two or three days ago,” Milano said.

I did the new with Jennie and there was something very different about our friendship.

And living overseas I think she would be a much more sophisticated calm person and she's also had some success.

My girlfriends and I have always had a pact our entire lives much like the guys have 'bros before' whatever they say--which is something not very nice. Along with love, those are two of the things I grew up valuing the most."But wait, there's more! I certainly think that it was a smart storyline looking back on it because it's real and there are women who don't have an honor code and there's men who don't have an honor code. But I certainly understand Brenda far more than Kelly.

I definitely understand why she didn't speak to them and why she was really upset and hurt and angry and it made her feel vulnerable.

Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty have put their fractured past behind them.

As Milano revealed Thursday during an appearance on E!

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