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, will feature both various characters drawn from Cave’s music and writing, along with exploring Cave’s life.From his childhood spent in rural Australia, to his early career where he fronted the band the Birthday Party, a post-punk outfit that gained a cult following.But we were getting incredible footage.’ They wanted to do something bigger.But Cave is not a fan of rock documentaries, and neither are Pollard and Forsyth.

It also features Cave performing, recording, and his music videos, like a panel that shows Cave’s duet with Kylie Minogue, 1996’s “Where the Wild Roses Grow.” The video of which features Minogue underwater in a nod to the pre-Raphaelite work, In a statement about the graphic novel Cave said, "Reinhard Kleist, master graphic novelist and myth-maker has - yet again - blown apart the conventions of the graphic novel by concocting a terrifying conflation of Cave songs, biographical half-truths and complete fabulations and creating a complex, chilling and completely bizarre journey into Cave World.

‘They have a way of filming, and lighting,’ Cave says, ‘where everybody looks good and interesting.’ Forsyth and Pollard found a producer, James Wilson, and on his advice recorded all their ideas on a ‘mood reel’.

‘Nick trusted us after that, and Jim took it to Film4 and the BFI, and within a couple of weeks they were on board,’ Pollard says.

Cave has been working – he is always working – and there are notebooks laid out across the table, notebooks that are specially made for him by the bookbinder Jillian Burt, an old friend in Australia.

The books are bound and constructed so that they fall open flat and can be propped up on the piano, and they are made from modest materials – we’re not talking Smythson here – with paper recycled from old exercise books, and inside the back cover there is a little pocket with stickers inside it. In these books he writes his songs and lyrics, in a convoluted, spidery scrawl.

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