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She spent the time secretly creating a profile for Emily on the dating app, swiping right on cute guys, and interviewing perspective dates — all to help her sister find love.Then for Christmas, she presented Emily with the results of her work — in the form of a detailed Powerpoint presentation.'For Christmas, I got my sis tinder dates,' Megan explained on Twitter, posted some of the evidence in a tweet that has since gone viral.Here, writing for Healthista, she reveals how a few small and easy changes to your daily diet can make a difference to your waist line in time for Christmas.A protein-rich breakfast keeps us feeling fuller for longer than a starch-rich breakfast, which also all-too-often starts our day with rather too much health-disruptive sugar and offers little in the way of essential vitamins and minerals.We need carbohydrates in a healthy, fat-busting diet but to many, this appears to mean concentrating on grain foods – toast or cereals for breakfast, sandwiches or wraps for lunch, pasta for dinner, grain bars for snacks and so on – and they treat vegetables and fruits as a separate entity and forget that they are carbohydrates!and offer excellent levels of fibre, essential vitamins and minerals and health-protective and anti-inflammatory plant chemicals.

Same goes for a great many non-fizzy soft and sports drinks which are regularly marketed as ‘healthy‘ or ‘energy-giving‘ – some even try to get away with suggesting that they slot into the ‘health food‘ category because they are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

The pigment responsible for giving salmon, shrimps, prawns, langoustine, crabs and lobster their pink colour when cooked is a plant chemical called astaxanthin which is synthesised as a direct result of the algae they feed on.

Research suggests that this naturally-occurring plant chemical may be the most powerfully-protective antioxidant to go under the microscope thus far and has been shown to provide the body with an internal sunscreen, protecting us from the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun and increase the usage of fat as an energy source and accelerate fat burning during exercise.

So I urge you to factor ‘a portion of pink’ into your day – that’s shellfish with pink hues.

If you don’t eat, or like fish or you have an allergy or intolerance to certain or all shellfish, you may wish to consider a natural microalgae supplement.

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