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I’m an only child with a mom, a dad, and two aunts. When she told me to meet her family, I expected three or maybe five people.

The ceremony called “Chey Haong Sousdey Haong Men Haong” in wedding ceremony performed until now is followed by an ancient story recorded in “the rules of wedding” book. ” I expected a blank stare, a hesitant and shy “no”, or something along the lines of “I no English”. You can meet hundreds, no thousands of good, educated, and friendly Cambodian women. Even though she told me that they taste like chicken wings. I tried grilled scorpions, and let me tell you something. However, once I thought about what I just ate, I had to run to the bathroom and…I want to spare you the details. What I’m about to share might sound funny, but it was a serious issue for me. There was nothing weird or creepy about us being together. Now I was walking next to a woman who was 1.50 meters… I took my courage in both hands and said: “Excuse me, do you speak English? Avoid Irish Pubs if You Want to Meet Good Girls Phnom Penh has more than 1.5 million inhabitants. In the past, I had always dated women who were taller than 1.60 meters. They show the historical roots related to the Buddha’s period which existed ages ago.According to a book “Khmer Wedding Rules” of Oknha Nov, it puts that in ancient Khmer wedding laws, people perform a song describing God Vesandor Borom Pothisat arranging the marriage between his children – Chealy and Kroesna.

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