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I used to read all stories in this site but i donno why i like the stories in incest cateogy very much.In that category too I liked the stories between mom and son, younger brother and elder sister very much.Later i kept some pressure on knee itself to make sure that she is really asleep. After that I couldn't sleep for so much time my heart is beating so fast,my hands are still shivering but something is different,something is good which is encouraging me to go ahead, but I didn't do anything more that day. Day after day I used to place my hand gently more boldly on her breast.Then i kept my hand on skin above elbow even then there is no reaction from her then i touched her cheeks still no reaction now i was sure that she is in deep sleep. Once in a while i used to apply some pressure and used to feel its softness.My mom has some knee pain problems and my dad is also becoming old so sis choose me and she sat on my legs and her back is touching my check.slowly i started to feel the heat from her body.

So mostly she will go to sleep by 10PM and if she sleeps onceshe will not wakeup I thought of moving my timetable of erotic activities in net to late night.

My mom brought an idea of visiting sanghi temple along with my sis, her hubby and his family(only mom). Now we 4(me,mom,dad,sis) have to adjust in the back seat of santro.

I think god has listen to my prayers.me,mom and dad took the three seats in the back row of santro. Now she has to settle on the legs of someone in back row.

It went fine for few months finally my sister started coming into my thoughts.

I used to read the stories and imagine my sister in one of those characters and used to masturbate and retire for the day. My dads mom used to stay at our house for 6 months and my dad's brother's house for 6 months.

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