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My mom brought an idea of visiting sanghi temple along with my sis, her hubby and his family(only mom). Now we 4(me,mom,dad,sis) have to adjust in the back seat of santro.I think god has listen to my prayers.me,mom and dad took the three seats in the back row of santro. Now she has to settle on the legs of someone in back row.I was depressed but didn't dare to ask her why she changed her room or anything of that nature. I thought i thought it is a permanent full stop to feeling on sister she was married to a software engineer in hyd only.One year passed, she is living happily with her hubby. My brother inlaw took the driver seat and his mom next to him.

My mom asked my sister to go to my room and give hers to our granny.

As my sister is staying in my bed room now, she used to take bath in the attached bathroom only so when I go for my bath I used to see her used bra and panty there slowly the things which i read in stories are coming live in my life.

The eagerness to fuck my sister is increasing day by day but i was not dared to do anything which will ruin our relationship.

Slowly I placed a hand on her buttocks which are resting on my knees.

I am very careful that she should not notice what i am doing but suddenly a road bump came and we all jumped a bit in that process my hand which was in the side of the buttock came below it she sat directly on my hand.

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