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See more » Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) seems to be a typical Betty Crocker suburban housewife.

Unfortunately, people are dropping like flies around her! "Serial Mom" is a ridiculously charming and clever film that never really received the credit it deserved.

J., looks to her husband and mother as the jury in her trial returns a verdict on Tuesday, Nov. “Accordingly, we vacate the downgrade.”Wronko defended Reed’s actions and said the judge was intimately familiar with the case and his imposed sentence accordingly.“He’s not known as a liberal defence judge,” Wronko said.

The dialogue is hilarious, the murders are wickedly funny, and the overall atmosphere of the film is disturbingly bright and shiny.

Co-stars Waters regulars Mink Stole, Ricki Lake, Traci Lords, and features a dynamite cameo by grunge goddesses L7.

Turning his outrageous gaze on an archetypally perfect housewife and mother from the Baltimore suburbs in Maryland, supportive to her loving husband and teenage kids and possessing a real tlent for cooking, it appears that she is everything a stable, hard-working business man could want.

Kathleen Turner, alternating between dizzy, unquestioning devotion to her family and clinically cool, yet psychotic anger to offending neighbours, either appears to possess a martyr's yellow halo above her head, denoting divine lightness and freshness, or a focussed smile as she carefully contemplates her next victim.

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