Jennifer ehle dating

Last year, she married unknown writer Michael Ryan, 33, in a secret ceremony.

They had met near the home of Jennifer's parents - her American writer dad John Ehle and English actress mum Rosemary Harris - in North Carolina.

But when I had to make a choice of whether to spend my adult life in Britain or America, I chose London.

"I thought it would be a nicer city to be unemployed in as an actor rather than New York or Los Angeles.

So to find someone who is very special and out of the public eye suits me perfectly.

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"I've now sold up in London and we are living in America.I am not saying where because there are always Jane Austen fans who might find me. "My birthday is December 29 and I am a typical Capricorn.I might feel deep passions and I am certainly aware of that, but I'd rather keep them to myself."It seems that so far as my career goes, I am either struggling to keep my head above water or sitting on a desert island, basking in the sunshine." Yet Jennifer had plenty of warning about how tough her chosen profession could be from her actress mother."I often ask myself why I am doing this," she admits.

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