Internet dating fiasco girls next door dating

I am also married and have three children, and my husband lives in another country.We became friends online, and eventually we met a few times in person.

Particularly with the Internet, people often start off innocently enough, because they feel there is a built-in barrier. You get emotionally involved, and you've crossed the line, bringing a destructive element into your marriage. Having said all that, let's try to examine your situation in the general context of online encounters.

You've told us that you're lonely, and you long to be emotionally connected to someone.

Naturally, the first question to ask is why you were willing to get involved in something that would further distance you from your husband.

However, there are ways to help it along so that you don't remain stuck in it far longer than you should.

One way is to start following a "normal" routine: getting up on time in the morning, grooming yourself and getting dressed, helping your children get off to school and taking care of the younger ones, going to work or taking care of your responsibilities at home, and finding some sort of outlet for your anxiety, such as exercising, being creative in some way, or pursuing a hobby.

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