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A young woman is hypnotically conditioned to seduce and hypnotize men.She hypnotically conditions her male subjects to want to hypnotize new women and teach them to be hypno-dommes, so they can seduce and hypnotize even more men.

For the scientist trapped in the middle, all roads seem to lead inexorably to slavery.Kraft is looking forward to meeting his archaeology students for the first time.His ‘Trust’ lecture is always a hit with his students, and this year shouldn’t be any different. He is sent to the European Union State to examine the possibility of cooperation between Canada and Europe.For one night only, Timothy will hold the hearts, the bodies, and the attention of Miami Beach. Katelyn, a young and beautiful head of a successful company, has finally achieved recognition for her accomplishments.But what is the true motivation of the group behind her nomination for Woman CEO of the Year?

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