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South Korea: In Ulsan you'll find a fairly small Mc Donald's drive-thru/gas station.

In the state where bigger is better, this massive meal of a building includes a playroom in the Happy Meal box, as well as huge hamburgers, towering french fries, and massive cups of Coke.

There are seats inside the plane for your dining enjoyment, and you can view the cockpit as well!

Maybe they hand out wings to first-time customers.2) New Hyde Park, N. A gorgeous Georgian mansion that dates back to 1795 houses one of the most beautiful Mc Donald's restaurants in the U. Mc Donald's originally purchased the house with the intent of tearing it down and building a standard restaurant, but the citizens of New Hyde Park managed to wrangle landmark status for the residence (whew! This resulted in the most elegant restaurant in the Mc Donald's franchise, complete with a glassed-in veranda seating area and a grand staircase.3) Rome This marble- and mosaic-filled restaurant is among the fanciest Mc Donald's locations we know of and has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Downtown Roswell's "Unofficial crash site"-Mc Donald's location boasts a UFO-shaped exterior, complete with nighttime fluorescent lights. No, just "Quarter Pounder" (no mention of Mc Donald's here).

(Insert spooky UFO noise here.) The restaurant also features flying rockets with Ronald Mc Donalds in the Playroom. The Quarter Pounder locations were Mc Donald's experiment to see if they could offer Tokyo residents a classier burger experience. The only options on the menu were a Quarter Pounder with cheese or a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.

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