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Below are five tips to keep in mind before, during and after any given date to make them sure successes. In fact, Michelle likes it most when Niko dresses in the low class garb he walked off the boat donning.But for the most part, it's a safe bet that if you dress in at least moderately nice clothing, the girl you're dating isn't going to be disappointed.She'll likely be pissed, but not as pissed as if you just don't show up at all.Niko and his date should have a good time from the get-go, so bring your girl to a local eatery or other place of amusement and have an awesome time.These relationships take on a more light-hearted and pseudo-romantic tone and are completely optional for the most part.There are two females in the game you must date—Mallorie's 'friend' Michelle and the O'Reary boys' sister Kate—but other than that, dating is completely optional.The date can still go on to a certain point even if you're late, but it's definitely not the way you want to get things started.

Messing around with the physics, trolling peds, hanging out with the friends/girlfriends etc are also things I like to do. Other than that pushing people off a cliff is fun, driving at full speed and running over pedestrians is something that I love to do or get on top of the Festival Towers with a wanted level and kill any cop who tries to climb the ladder, it is quite entertaining.

In the pause menu under players its says carmen and kiki 50%. i may have sent them a request on the computer but never got an email back.

The relationship aspect of Grand Theft Auto IV is perhaps one of the most nebulous areas of this epic game.

Recently, I just did the missions up to "Do you have Protection?

" and finished Roman's taxi runs as well as Little Jacob's drug runs too.

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