Genevieve cortese dating history

Perhaps he should consider therapy for his "anxiety" - his quotation marks, not mine.r20 is some stupid cunt trying to brag about how he likes to make servers life a living hell.

One of the quickest ways I know a date will go NO WHERE is if the guy is rude to the server.

Which is why they won't say anything about that vile shit, R18 - they piss off their fans, they end the ride.

Bullshit, waitress defenders, I bet he has to deal with waitress cunts like this all the time who want to show how unimpressed they are by fame.

He seemed to totally lack any sense of respect towards Hoffman and his family.

Yes we all know usings drugs is terrible but he was acting like everyone should totally disrespect Hoffman, one of the most respected actors around, when everyone was still reeling from the shock.

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And, yeah, they not only get fired but they offer all kinds of compensation to make up for it (which I usually decline since I don't want to go back). The story is really about the love and dysfunction between two brothers.

So it doesn't appear to be just middle-aged women as their fan base.[quote]there was a thread of Reddit in which the other one - Jensen? Apparently he turned down the role of Hawkeye in the Avengers to stick with Supernatural, So the fans keep saying.

Obviously Ackles loves that people think it was his choice to pass the Marvel movies.

R34, Supernatural airs on a teen channel so obviously it's got young fans as well."Oh, that poor girl, what she's been through!

"Seriously, you Mary Sunshine cunts are RUINING Datalounge. And, yeah, hope I land at the end of your bad service, R35, so you can see how it's done.

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