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In 1990, the top 10 general-purpose credit card issuers had a 56.5 percent share of the market.

In 2004, the top 10 have an estimated 89.5 percent share of the market.

Those banks that survived these early debacles began to find their footing in the 1970s.

Technological innovations brought automation to their back rooms.

The elimination of usury restrictions paved the way for double-digit growth.

Cardholders, it turned out, were willing to keep on paying 18 percent interest long after inflation subsided and the Federal Reserve lowered the interest rates it charged banks.

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"You are lending money at 12 percent and paying 20 percent," Mr. "You don't have to be Einstein to realize you're out of business.'' The bank employed 3,000 people in its credit card unit in Long Island at the time, a fact that Mr.

"Nobody's historically more suspicious of outsiders than South Dakotans,'' Bill Janklow, the former governor of South Dakota, told FRONTLINE in a recent interview. When something's only selling for .20 a bushel, you certainly can't afford to be paying almost 50 cents a bushel to ship it.'' The calls were from Citibank, which was having a serious problem of its own.

But it was 1980, South Dakota's economy was a mess, and suspicion was an instinct that Janklow could not afford. "It was very simple,'' said Walter Wriston, then the chairman of Citibank.

But the bankers saw opportunity and salvation in the plains of South Dakota. That South Dakota saved Citibank.'' Those long ago phone calls were a pivotal moment in the ascendancy of America's credit card industry.

Within days of those first phone calls, a team of top executives arrived from New York with a proposal for Mr. A notorious loss leader became the most profitable sector in banking, generating nearly billion in net revenue last year alone.

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