Fox dating show the choice

Oh yeah, duh, I forgot the laws of lowest-common-denominator dating.

THANKS BABE.)Alex and Lindsey make out for a hot minute before heading to the "couples" side of the house, which sounds like a very different type of program. Feeling rejected at the bungalows, wondering if the chemistry she felt with Alex was ever even real, then back in the queue to meet new men.

They include a mixture of actors, singers, athletes and reality stars: Tyson Beckford, Jeremy Bloom, Dean Cain, Mike Catherwood, Jason Cook, DJ Pauly D, Rocco Dispirito, Rob Gronkowski, Taylor Hicks, Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian, Steven Lopez, Finesse Mitchell, Dr.

Robert Nettles, Romeo, Warren Sapp, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Ndamukong Suh, Seth Wescott, Parker Young, Hope Dworaczyk, Carmen Electra, Rima Fakih, and Sophie Monk.

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But after that initial moment of "empowerment," we go back to the same old kitsch of dating on the small screen.

The women are dealt one good hand — but the men still hold all the cards.

begins with four eligible celebrity bachelors sitting in rotating chairs, turning their backs on the sexy singles looking for a date with them.

A double date with two people you just met, one of whom is your romantic competition? Alex chooses Brittany, a young beauty entrepreneur, and Lindsey, a sales rep. Here's where shit gets even more predictable: Alex confesses to both girls that he had instant chemistry with them, and tells Brittany that he knew from the moment they met that he was going to choose her.

But after a day in the sun, he chooses Lindsey to move forward with.

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