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Not by a long shot — and either Fox thinks we're dumb and wouldn't notice, or producers really believed that giving women one measly decision in round one was actually going to tip the power scales back into balance.But it's not enough to just let women take the lead in the chemistry round, as though that's some kind of concession.While it's not clear exactly how intends to match everybody up, it definitely seems possible that there are going to be some leftover people who either get booted off Anguilla or end up with whomever happens to be last man (or woman) standing.So, is this a dating show that gives the power back to women?If more than one celebrity pulls the handle, they must battle it out until the sexy single chooses a celebrity.Once each bachelor has his three hotties, the teams enter the “Speed Choice” round, where each woman has only 15 seconds to convince her celebrity to pick her for the final round.But if she goes to the tiki hut, that means she's sitting around with all the other contestants who wanted to get to know the guy better. 1 in the series, by the way, is a 26-year-old "musician" named Alex. But honestly, he seems like kind of an airhead to me.) So now the ladies are all hanging in the tiki hut, waiting for Alex who takes his sweet time strolling over to hang.

But really, it's just the same old shit on a new network and a different night of the week.but said he felt the partition element felt very antiquated.After blindfolding contestants also was ruled out as looking silly, he and and his team came up with the spinning chairs, which Darnell said felt modern while still feeding into the concept that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.In this initial “Blind Round,” each celebrity can only use his suitors’ voices – as they share information about their life, passions, turn-ons and turn-offs.When a celebrity bachelor likes what he hears, he pulls his “love handle,” spinning his chair around to bring him face-to-face for the first time with his potential date.

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