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Harvard liked the idea and stated that they would “get around to it”.Zuckerberg said he didn’t want to wait, that he could do it better and complete the site in about a week.Tagged as: facebook complaints, facebook corporate address, facebook corporate headquarters, facebook corporate office, facebook corporate office email, facebook corporate office fax number, facebook corporate office phone number, facebook customer complaints, facebook headquarters, Zuckerbergs email address It is unforgiveable that FACE BOOK rook the word of a group that influenced elections in the United States to take their word that Face Book customers contact info and friends info was deleted; why should have Face Book take their word for anything when an act to Influence elections in The United States as well as other countries elections. I think its important to turn in those using Fake Names, Fraud Names, Fraud Titles, Fraud Locations and Fraud Emails and names attached to them You will find such a Fraud listed as Kemi Wellington or listed on his Fraud Email as [email protected] He sent me a photo after you threw him out of Facebook,tried again to get back on and succeeded with an IM going towards me! He had not been hacked,you removed him but he kept on Facebook He is NOT Kemi Wellington, I looked that man up through Intellius and the REAL Kemi Wellington is 35 years of age and then the Fake Kemi Wellington sent me a photo of himself with the [email protected] gmail.com!Mark Zuckerberg should testify in Washington before the Senate committee, not if he is the one to testify, he is the CEO he must testify and come prepared to testify. Would you please have him taken off of FB permanently?I am 67,will be 68 in May,he told me coincidence, I will be (quoting him)68 May 23rd.He then sent me threatening letters directed towards me and towards FB if his real identity was established.He said he will get back into FB with his real identity and then tell me off.

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In recent years, the company has received criticism for the number of fake news sites, hate speech, and graphic violence allowed on site.The company has responded with a feedback/reporting system that many people feel is unfairly put into practice.The Facebook corporate office is located in Menlo Park, California.Later the company opened to all Ivy League schools and by the end of the year, Facebook was admitting just about every college campus.The company moved to its own headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

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