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and the most intriguing one this show poses is, “Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

” In the pilot, it’s a question for Dolores, but it just as well may be a question for the audience.

They have predesigned roles, narratives, jobs, romances, and everything else to make Westworld a genuine experience for its guests.

Similar to another Michael Crichton-based movie, something goes wrong with the hosts when an update improving their sentience goes haywire.

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It’s a movie that makes you think long and hard about the world you’re living in. Westworld is essentially an “amusement park” where guests can pay a lot of money to act out the fantasy of living in the Wild West.

The people that populate this park, known as “hosts,” are androids coded and designed to live out their endless lives as people in the Wild West.

The hosts start to glitch and diverge from their pre-designed storylines. Robert Ford, played by the excellent Anthony Hopkins, has been designing and updating hosts for the park for the past 30 years.

Late in the premiere episode, he questions the next step in human evolution: Is it simply creating ourselves, pushing past the limits of artificial intelligence to create fully sentient beings?

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