Dayanara torres dating now

The multi-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winner went on to marry Lopez in June 2004 before they split eight years later. “Absolutely, he will always be a dear friend, I love him to death,” Torres told PEOPLE at a Hot Moms Club launch party in West Hollywood, to benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Because we broke up, it doesn’t mean that somebody did anything bad to anybody.Marc Anthony says ex-wife had to sell her home because the wife of the married man she was banging was yelling "whore" through a bullhorn in front of her house and wouldn't stop.Dayanara Torres is trying to increase her child support payments from K a month to 3K. I am happy because my children do not deserve any less than that.” that the disparity between the homes was confusing for the kids.

The Latino mega-star also agreed to continue paying for the kids’ educational and medical costs as well as their extracurricular activities.“There were days when I had to face my children; When I would [return home from court], they would ask me every time, ‘Did we win mom?Please tell us we won.’ And finally we were given what we wanted, more than double of what we originally asked.Now the former Miss Universe is orchestrating her return to work, going as far as the Philippines to land job offers to take part in campaigns and film projects from the Orient to the U. “Being a mother is my main role, and I pushed my career off to the side,” admits Torres in an exclusive interview for , now on stands.“Now that they are older, Cristian is already [16] years old, Ryan is 13, I feel like I can let go a little. The kids also want me to do what I’m doing.” In the interview, the former beauty queen spoke publicly for the first time about her recent legal win against Anthony for child support.

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