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You think about all the crazy coincidences that lead to you meeting him (if there weren’t any, you’ll find some to make this a great “how we met” story!

), and feel certain that this union was written in the stars.

Men and women are different and as such, the way we experience and process relationships is different.

Men tend to be much more in the moment, if the relationship is enjoyable in the here and now, they’re happy.

You replay every moment of every interaction with him, keeping a tally of the signs he likes you and signs he doesn’t. The truth is, 90% of relationship problems wouldn’t exist if women would stop obsessing and analyzing and just go with it.

The more time you spend thinking and talking about him, the more you’re investing in him and the more hurt you’ll be if the relationship ends.

In an attempt to protect yourself, you look at the clues and try to figure out what everything means.

I can totally see myself marrying a guy like this.” And when I talk to my guy friends about a new girl, they’ll usually say “She’s great, I definitely want to go out again.” So the woman is planning the wedding while the guy is just trying to plan the next date, talk about worlds apart.

A friend of mine recently went on two dates with a guy and started talking to me about all the problems that might emerge down the line and how she’ll deal with them.

You’re not even official with him yet, but you could never conceive of dating another guy…that would almost be like having an affair!

You’re sure this guy is the one, you’re positive of it.

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