Dating only one person your whole life

Maybe it will help you have some conversations with your current partner about what you’re feeling and what you want.Maybe it will help you realize that you want to find a different partner or partners to get your needs met. There’s something really self-effacing about your letter that bugs me and I think you should work out a lot of these feelings about yourself with a pro.Please help me and talk some sense into me, feel free to lecture! And some people have arranged marriages where the attraction and love happen later…and have very happy lives.We inherit our ideas about romantic love and when is the right time to pair off permanently from our upbringing, our culture, and our situation, so I don’t want to tell you that it’s impossible to be happy if you don’t follow my finicky Liz Lemon-y model of serial dating.And they didn’t marry people because they thought they couldn’t do any better (so might as well force themselves to love this guy! Sometimes we develop crushes on people not just because we want to bang them, but because we want to BE them.

So don’t let guilt, or a sense of “” (Open relationship?

Is this bad enough for me to leave my relationship?

I fear that one day I may resent John for this, which he obviously does not deserve, and I do really love him but at the same time wish our relationship had developed a few years from now so I had the chance to explore my sexuality. Am I a horrific person for wanting more when our relationship is already so wonderful? I realize that some people really do marry their first loves/sex partners when they are very young and have happy lives.

However, recent interest from guys that I work with, has made think about the future of our relationship.

I was always interested in having casual encounters, not necessarily sex but that too, and I had given up on that with the total lack of male interest.

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