Dating dorky guys

If they don't have a nice body then...put a shirt on!!! ~*Flavia*~I really hate those pictures where the guy is almost't mind a tattoo pic but guys please leave something to the imagination...guys have more to offer than a bare chest (I hope so anyway) You scare women off with that sh....No one wants to see your fat rolls or count all your ribs. While we are on the picture topic how bout those guys with the sunglasses in every pic..on guys what is with that? What, guy with a sexy body and shirt off is consider a dork?This includes, but is not limited to: flock of seagulls, braiding, and mowhawks. From the socially inept, humor is usually so dry and delivered with so much sincerity, that it is virtually indistinguishable from when they are stating fact.

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There are "Looking For Sex" only sites out there... Love I "feel " about dorky guys p[osting with no shirts ?

And really I just want to advertise that I'm a healthy active man and not nessarily looking for sex. I guess I'm lucky 'cause I haven't seen any half-naked dorks...

Could it be that a guy with a good physique is a bit intimidating to some women so they said they're turn off by that? but I wouldn't ever do more then look 'cause I find so many of the guys that post those muscle bound pics are arrogant and self-centered... If a guy, bought an old car, restored it completely himself, and was extremly proud of it and posted a picture of it, would there be anything wrong with that?

Don’t tell them that you don’t understand, because they will spend days, months, years, or eons trying to explain it to you. They are just like small animals, they keep coming back for food.

12) If they tune you out, or become glued to their monitors, it is perfectly acceptable to style their hair in weird and unusual ways.

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