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Bugsy is one of the most popular choices with the swish set since it has a drink to match almost every mood – from the classics to the moderns and from the strongest cigars to the finest wines.

Then again there is the Cloud 9 Sky Bar and Lounge, appropriately named because of the incredible view and well-mixed drinks.

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Explore the lucrative service sector In recent years, the economy of Czech Republic has witnessed a significant shift from manufacturing to service sector.

Financial services, real estate, tourism, hospitality, food and beverages, trade, commercial services and public administration make up the most significant constituents of the service sector.

Many of the richest citizens of the country like Marek Dospiva, Radovan Vitek, Lilia Lili and Radka Zacova belong to sectors like financial services, real estate, tourism and insurance respectively.

This reveals that the youngest and newest billionaires of the Czech economy are arriving from the services sector of which the tourism is particularly profitable.

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