Dating a sikh man

"If you are with our religion, you don't do it for business; it is for a better life," said Mr Sandhu.

While Mr Singh's parents appear to be happy with their son's choice of bride, not everyone in the family shares their delight.

Alexandra Aitken's marriage to Mr Singh is the culmination of a tortuous journey, from party girl to yoga devotee and Sikh convert, that has seen her dabble in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Kabbalah along the way.

She told how their wedding was attended by 150 holy men who took the unusual step of leaving the "caves" where they spend much of their time meditating.

There are thousands of single Sikhs across the UK, and thanks to our huge range of users covering all manner of discerning professionals, Elite Singles is a wonderful platform for meeting them.

While other websites may cater solely for single Sikhs, their services can be clunky and difficult to use, resulting in a tougher time for you as you make your merry way down the path of love.

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