Carbon dating idiots

The woman who mentioned the Christian that said it’s just a faith issue was talking about a stupid Christian then, further she herself was ignorant and stupid since she said that young earther’s explanation about why carbon dating isn’t accurate is complicated, because IT’S NOT complicated, it this simple: Carbon dating has been repeatedly shown to be inaccurate.

It’s also got nothing to do with nuclear power, you obviously don’t know physics very well.

Where bigot, in this refutation of your ranting, and your ranting anti-Christian callers, have I said anything like that or an earlier one refuting your claim that we must have sex with a person to know if they are gay or straight?

Do you have the patience to read less than a few pages, if not, how can you claim to know what you are talking about when it comes to “young earthers” let alone Christians, science, evolution or the big imaginary bomb no one ever saw from billions and billions of years ago?

Further, I study issues regarding truth and reality as do all Christians, but I spend my life doing so, so if anyone is going to know what is real or not and what truth is it would be me, not you, who merely talks about politics all day and avoids getting deep into philosophical and religious matters.

Sure you mention religion now and then and how people should be free to have their own religion, but you don’t go much further than that, you don’t get into critical analysis for the basis of religion beyond you belief that Christians merely feel he exists (no that’s not all there is to it).

We don’t think that way, in fact the Bible commands us to have evidence for our beliefs, and says not to be a simpleton, there is a verse that literally says not to be that way, and not to simply believe whatever you hear.

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They also obviously wouldn’t want themselves to have been shown to have been gullible for over 100 years, as that would be a devastating blow to their own faith, and then where would they turn? Further, no true Christian simply says, “God said it so I believe it” as anti-Christians love to say.Carbon dating is only accurate to about 5000 years, when it’s used to measure things beyond that it’s wildy inaccurate and what Darwinists / evolutionist SCIENTISTS do is arbitrarily choose the dates that match their dating theories.If it doesn’t fit, they dismiss it or won’t even mention it.): Christians are scientists too, and not merely because I said so.You don’t you know history and don’t care to know it, and don’t know what’s going on around you accurately either, and don’t want to, that is why in large part you are ignorant.

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