Carbon dating idiots new dating and sim games

Further, what the Hell scientist even says you can judge that a rock is old just be looking at it? And can you show that any young earth CALVINIST (not some idiot Christian, a false one) doesn’t believe in science?

The father of microbiology was a Calvinist “young earther” you parrot.

The fossil fuels we're burning are old — so old they don't contain any C-14.

The more we burn these fossil fuels, the more non-C-14 carbon we pump into the atmosphere.

We don’t think that way, in fact the Bible commands us to have evidence for our beliefs, and says not to be a simpleton, there is a verse that literally says not to be that way, and not to simply believe whatever you hear.

It also says to test those who claim to be Christians to see if they are telling the truth about being a Christian.

), and anyone who believes in a young earth can’t perform science at all and can’t understand anything correctly because they don’t listen to the facts, and merely explain everything with, “Jesus did it,” or “angels did it”.

Further, you clearly don’t know much about evolution even, since you would have known that every informed “young earther” knows to reject carbon dating for the reasons I stated, if you were knowledgeable, you would have referred to other radiometric dating methods (which have also been shown to be inaccurate).

The woman who mentioned the Christian that said it’s just a faith issue was talking about a stupid Christian then, further she herself was ignorant and stupid since she said that young earther’s explanation about why carbon dating isn’t accurate is complicated, because IT’S NOT complicated, it this simple: Carbon dating has been repeatedly shown to be inaccurate.

It’s also got nothing to do with nuclear power, you obviously don’t know physics very well.

Carbon dating is only accurate to about 5000 years, when it’s used to measure things beyond that it’s wildy inaccurate and what Darwinists / evolutionist SCIENTISTS do is arbitrarily choose the dates that match their dating theories.

If it doesn’t fit, they dismiss it or won’t even mention it.

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