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He uses his technical skill to develop equipment and weapons to complement his powers, and wears a number of costumes, many of which have special properties.When Peter Parker was bitten by an irradiated spider, radioactive mutagenic enzymes in the spider's venom quickly caused numerous body-wide changes.However, he heals completely by the end of the issue without medical attention and mentions to Aunt May that he knew he had "always been a fast healer, but lately it seems even more so." During "Civil War", Spider-Man is heavily beaten and drugged, suffering multiple fractures and blood loss at the hands of the Jack O' Lantern but his injuries heal almost completely by the next issue.However, like many superhuman powers, the effectiveness of Spider-Man's abilities varies based on the author and the needs of the story.

However, Spider-Man has normal human tolerance to the effects of alcoholic beverages and is rarely shown drinking, since it affects his balance, reflexes and coordination.

Following the events of "The Other", Spider-Man permanently had some of his abilities increased, including his healing.

During Marvel's "Civil War" (after "The Other"), he is ambushed by the Rhino and is injured.

If Spider-Man does not willingly detach, but is pulled off by force, the surface usually breaks, still attached to his body.

However, it has been shown that a significant shock can cause him to lose control of his power and fall off a surface.

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