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This is an imaginary show that Bronk performs in his mind Monday through Wednesday from a.m. while working on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM.Before leaving for work, Bronk has nightmares in bed called "night scares" that wake him up without using an alarm clock.The winner of the contest gets to eat the charred remains of Kim Il-Sung after the U. carpetbombs North Korea with China's approval, while Howard Stern, the Queen of The Hamptons, takes all the credit while threatening to sue the shit out of everybody, with Beth O's blessing.

Sal sensible it's 4 dildos and a consequence answer.

Benjy began working for Howard Stern in Hartford, Connecticut in 1978 as Stern's bagel warmer.

In 1985, he was promoted to coffee schmo for the entire on-air staff.

Seven months later, The New York Post named Turk as ‘the woman responsible for Howard Stern’s "PC" behavior’ in a piece that detailed how she has ‘a very strong hand on how the show is handled and how everyone has to “keep Howard’s brand right.”’Wednesday’s broadcast marked the first time the former America's Got Talent star had acknowledged his COO by name on his morning show, as he said he would leave the decision how to handle Bronk’s continual alleged tardiness to Turk and the show’s senior vice president Jeremy Coleman.‘I’m just gonna put this in the hands of Marci and Jeremy ...

those two run this entire radio organization,’ Stern said. & I wish he'd of taken my call so I wouldn't sound like a p----y on twitter [right] now!

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