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Ultimately, though, a porous defense and untimely turnovers – both Raiders staples this season – squandered away a golden opportunity.

If they end up shipping Cousins away, we’ll know it had to have been bad, because he’s a once in a decade talent, like a second coming of Chris Webber.

Sounds to me like a perfect script for a Denver upset against Pittsburgh next weekend.

Too bad I wasn’t still 10 minutes from Nevada anymore!

I thought New Year’s Day was supposed to be about Bowl Games…? 4 Comments | tags: basketball, bbq, Demarcus Cousins, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, fantasy football, football, jimmer fredette, kansas city chiefs, kyle orton, lake tahoe, matt flynn, Matthew Stafford, NBA, NFL, oakland raiders, sacramento kings, San Diego Chargers, san francisco 49ers, Steven Jackson, Tim Tebow | posted in Sports Man, were there a lot of knee jerk reactions this weekend.

I swear, when I was a kid, roughly 6 of the best 7 of all 15 bowl games were on New Year’s Day. I broke out my new smoker and probably served up the best trio of Tri-Tip, Pork Loin, and Smoked Salmon this side of the Rocky Mountains. I had my share of knee jerk reactions to those knee jerk reactions.

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