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Ryan Reynolds, like even before the load of superhero movies he's doing or allegedly doing.

Just, he's soooo damn sexy and I love him as Van Wilder.

In 1978, Depp's parents divorced when he was fifteen. He strayed away from his siblings and peers into a life of drugs and alcohol at a very young age as a result dropped out of school and wanted to pursue a career in rock music. The brilliant story was brought to life by the always perplexed Depp, trying to figure out these strange things called suburbanites.

Over the next few years Johnny fronted a number of garage... | GREAT PERFORMANCES YOU MAY NOT HAVE SEEN: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (one of three... Ben Affleck did not become a superstar celebrity by following his passion; Reindeer Games and Gigli are perfect examples of that.

For actresses, Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Page, and Jodie Foster.

He was raised in Florida as the youngest of four children.

Written at the top are the names of starring actors and actresses, including Nicolas Cage.

One particular day I had a friend in my room, and he spotted this poster.

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He played the title role in Pirates of Caribbean sea and in the films of Tim Burton. He played the title role in Pirates of Caribbean sea and in the films of Tim Burton.

Although he’s an actor, his first love was music and, over the years, he's managed to have a rather successful career as a musician.

His creativeness and style in movies has earned him my number. If yes tell me what you like about them.i too like johnny deep i first watched him in the movie pirates of the Caribbean just because of his unique style of the dialogue delivery he has attracted everyone this made the character "jack sparrow" famous all over the world Thanks to you all for your comments. I know quite a little about him outside the scene and that is his style of clothing.

He has made some of the greatest movies of all time.

ohnny Depp: actor, musician, director, producer, writer… There’s only one word that could describe him: versatile; and that feature of his makes him my favorite actor of all times.

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